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Holiday gift giving is upon us

I typically work far ahead of Christmas collecting lots of things for my friends and family throughout the year. First of all, it spreads out the cost of giving and second...well, when I see unique things, I have learned to take action. It may not be there when I return. The biggest struggle is figuring out what to give, right? Guess what I'm going to suggest. Yep, a fantastic one-of-a-kind pillow to brighten someone's room, apartment, house, or mansion. Take this week's addition to Pillow Talk's online shop, for instance. It is unique. There's not another one like it. It's...

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Elegance in small soft doses

Wearable fashion gives us seasonal style direction. Having been in both the home and ready-to-wear industries for many years, I see each borrowing from the other from time to time. Of course, buying for your home is often a bigger investment than for your closet. So, we should look for timeless accessories - items that will please the eye longer than one or two seasons. Pillow Talk has always stood for timeless elegance and beauty, accessories that transcend current fashion and become treasures for generations. That's why stores on New York's Madison Avenue and the likes of Ralph Lauren have...

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Home decor buys back in people’s budgets

In a study published in Home Accents Today, consumers are ready to spruce up their rooms. Here was a question: “What would you buy if you inherited $10,000 to spend on home décor?” 42% side they’d buy decorative pillows. That compares to 20% who said they’d buy casual dining furniture and 26% who’d like a new sofa. The number one item on the wish list? Area rugs at 72%. The number one room respondents would spruce up was the living room and Master bedroom was second. Both of these rooms are so easily, and much less expensively, renewed with pillows....

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