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Pictured are three pillows made with the amazing silk and metallic threads in ecumenical robes. Holy vestments, alter drapes, railing runners, and other church textiles rarely survive more than a few decades, if that. Frankly, I love the incredibly old pieces that show the character of sermons given and communions celebrated. One has only to travel in Europe to know that churches hold the most revered art – in paintings, tile work, frescos, iron work and stained glass.  The textiles used worn are no less artful, some museum quality.

Museums of antique textile art would be thrilled to have some of the fragments I have been able to buy over the years. As soon as I acquire them, I design the shape and size of the pillow to be made then dive into my vast workroom of tapes, piping and fringes to see what would frame the fabric best. I always want to augment; highlight the image not overpower it. Then the back of the pillow must make color and pattern sense again being careful to add tactile quality without distracting from the age of the star textile on the front.

Easter seems a perfect time to add ecumenical pillows to the store. The gold threads used decades ago have burnished to a bronze hue. These pillows are truly an expression of fine weaving craftmanship. 

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