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What is luxury to you?

We have always been about luxury. But, like beauty, is luxury in the eye and soul of the beholder? Luxury is defined as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” I’ll gather the thoughts on luxury from two sources; from replies on a survey done at the recent High Point Market, and from a blog written by an Italian Vogue editor.

A newly minted term I like a lot is Legacy Luxury. Whether appreciating the luxury of a previous generation or creating luxury for the next, classics are mixed in with modern day masterpieces for a more discerning audience. Designers understand how to put this together. Yes, quality counts, but it can be overcome by sumptuousness. 

Rooms filled with lavish color, texture or unique prints offer the unexpected. The romance of botanical motifs and especially grand blooms of old fashion roses you can almost smell feel lavish. Luxury can mean elegance, but not necessarily. “A product is luxurious when it is handmade or tailored for a very few,” says the Italian Vogue editor. 

PillowTalkDirect has for over three decades sourced and cherished the handmade textiles of needlepoint, petit point, hand embellishments, and Aubusson because they are unique, one of a kind woven luxury. Splendor can be a jewel encrusted silk dress. But in my world, it is a pillow honoring the hundreds of hours of fine handwork representing a lost era of luxury but amazingly perfect in this one.

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