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Save on psychiatrist bills; buy blue pillows

I feel like I have a pretty healthy, well-adjusted universe of coworkers and friends, but I also know each has their share of anxiety or stress. Every study I read shows more uneasiness at all ages. Whether it is based in perceived societal expectations or way too much time in front of a screen, the advice is to find peace where you can. I suggest feeling less blue with blue.

The 2020 Color Report from home accessory industry forecasters is, as usual, all over the place. While saying that neutrals are out, I see that “warm” neutrals are okay. Bold happy prints and solids are proposed but in more subtle shades. Still more confusing is the direction that primary colors of blue, red and yellow serve to uplift our spirits. But they need to be Dijon yellow, denim blue, dark red…not sure that all works in my house. Oh, and don’t forget style-setters like “a splash of metallic in surprising places.” Eeek!

Mixing seems to still be okay. That’s comforting since I suspect your house is like mine, a collection of many years and styles.

Buried deep in the 2020 style report is permission to have any style that you want – modern, floral, traditional, antique, shabby chic, girly. But if you want to calm your life, accessorize with blue. Our inventory has blue for every style room. Happy (and calm) shopping!


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