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Reusing, restyling, rediscovering

Anyone who knows Pillow Talk Direct is aware that I find wonderful weavings and textiles – often decades and even centuries old - and restyle them into jewels for your home. So, maybe I was ahead of the movement. If you buy our pillows you are part of a growing recycling community whether you realize it or not.

The pillow you see here was made from a drapery panel that had been destined for the trash because it had been made the wrong size. I was so fortunate to be at an upholsters workroom when he folded it up and tossed it toward the bin. I literally reached out and caught it. What a beautiful parrot! The apricots and peaches are amazing. 

Depending on which source you gather the data from, most studies agree that there is over 20 million tons of textile waste yearly. Even with all of the reuse programs in place, the EPA estimates that well over half of that ends up in the landfills. A big portion of the rest is shredded and finds its way to manufacturers here and abroad to be used in new products (think mattress fill, padding in a myriad of uses, and blankets, to name just a few). Interestingly, China has recently asked that less be sent them. They have millions of tons sitting in warehouses.

How about all the clothes and home goods you take to Goodwill and others? We always felt good that shipping containers full of golf shirts and party dresses were going to the very needy in Africa. Turns out there is no system for getting much of that to the people. A lot is sitting, rotting out in the open.

While I will continue to create antique and rare Aubusson and needlepoint pillows, I may add more fabric pillows to the inventory when I run across hard to find and interesting fabrics that may even come from wardrobes but deserve a second life on your sofa or chair.

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