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New modern, elegant styles

New modern, elegant styles announced at Known for nearly 30 years as a source for unique pillows made from historical weavings and needlework, Pillow Talk has expanded the inventory to include modern styling. The fabrics may or may not be sourced from vintage origins, but designer Patricia Rosengren has restyled them into one-of-a-kind accessories for the most contemporary home. There are now three Pillow Talk design groups: Modern Mastered, Flemish Floral, and Antiquities. The modern group celebrates elegant fabric treatment, even sequins and beaded pillows, but also includes intricate hand work from contemporary artisans. The floral stock is very transitional, at home with modern furnishings as well as more traditional rooms. Antiquities pillows are assembled from hand weavings that can be dated back to the 1700s and are primarily of European origins. Gathered and pleated silks, transparent layers revealing under-patterns, masculine fabrics and colors with surprise trimmings all make the new line unique. Rosengren is enjoying the creativity each set of materials triggers. “I’m happy to work on a custom project with fabrics from my workshop or theirs.” Pillow Talk was represented in numerous design centers through the United States before being transformed to an online source for unique textile accessories. “We are able to price even the historical pieces more reasonably with our lower overhead,” notes Rosengren. “We sell to designers and clients all over the world now.” That client base just expanded with the introduction of the Modern line of the venerable firm. Items are shipped next day from

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