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Minimalism is out, thank goodness (but you knew that)

Home accessory trend spotters for 2018 are writing about what we’ve always known; that we want warmth and comfort.  You may have tried the white-on-white or three-shades-of-beige colorways for your rooms in an effort to calm your rattled nerves from taking in just too much world news.  Global angst must not enter your personal space, but being devoid of color and joy is just adding to the unease and emptiness.

We recommend plushness for comfort.  Tactile and warm fabrics whose texture and colors make a bold statement against a cold cruel world.  It doesn’t matter what decorating style you are – feminine and frilly, ethnic and tribal, modern and sleek, vintage and European – this is the time to go eclectic with key accessories (and by accessories we mean pillows, of course).  Tons of pattern and bold color take the chill right out of winter.  Maybe veer toward softer or pale shades when summer gets closer.  But now, let’s have some fun!

If you send me your general color preferences, I’ll put a small group together for you, shoot it and let you decide how you will make your rooms cozy and fresh.

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