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Home decor buys back in people’s budgets

In a study published in Home Accents Today, consumers are ready to spruce up their rooms. Here was a question: “What would you buy if you inherited $10,000 to spend on home décor?” 42% side they’d buy decorative pillows. That compares to 20% who said they’d buy casual dining furniture and 26% who’d like a new sofa. The number one item on the wish list? Area rugs at 72%. The number one room respondents would spruce up was the living room and Master bedroom was second. Both of these rooms are so easily, and much less expensively, renewed with pillows. Yes, I am biased. Pillow Talk has for over 30 years, been known for lavish, traditional, and one-of-a-kind antique textiles. Frankly, during the recession we pulled back a bit. Who in the home decor trenches didn’t? But, we have emerged with the long-loved traditional aubussons and needlepoints that designers have learned to source, and are adding contemporary and unique designs that may appeal to the more modern home. More will be added weekly. With fall upon us, it’s time to enjoy chillier weather and huggable pillows.

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