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Holiday gift giving is upon us

I typically work far ahead of Christmas collecting lots of things for my friends and family throughout the year. First of all, it spreads out the cost of giving and second...well, when I see unique things, I have learned to take action. It may not be there when I return. The biggest struggle is figuring out what to give, right? Guess what I'm going to suggest. Yep, a fantastic one-of-a-kind pillow to brighten someone's room, apartment, house, or mansion. Take this week's addition to Pillow Talk's online shop, for instance. It is unique. There's not another one like it. It's over-the-top fun and glitzy...something that will shine and please for years as it sparkles from the corner of a chair or beckons from the bed. We have other gifts on the site with lots more to come...all different colors, moods, styles, and sizes. Handmade here in California. Turns out, the 'art market' is, indeed, soft.

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