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Change is not only good, it’s essential to your memory

vintage pillows

Remember the pillows in your parents’ home? Of course you do. You saw the same ones for as long as you lived there. I know my mother so valued the “designer” at her furniture store that she bought exactly what was recommended when my parents moved us into our brand-new home. The burnt orange and bright olive nubby silk pillows were propped up on the moss green sofa and harvest gold club chairs. This all resembled a magazine layout anchored in an olive-green shag carpet with threads of black for depth. Luxury from the early 60s for sure.

That tableau remained stagnant for 35 years. (Yes, there were acrylic grapes in a coper bowl.) The mid-century furnishings were snapped up at the eventual estate sale and I had to shake my head when those pillows left under both arms of an antique dealer. Dollar a piece.

While I don’t expect you to change pillows with each season – although what a great visual refresh that would be – it MUST be time for you to rethink the accessories you’ve been staring at now for many, many months (okay, maybe years).

If you want to know if it’s time for a refresh, ask your kids or your best friend.  Daughter-in-laws are pretty good at unedited opinions, too. Unless you plan to be buried with your belongings like the Egyptian Pharoahs, let’s try some upgrades.

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