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Caution, a passion for fringes may develop


Even if you just dabble in collecting, you probably have distinctive taste and a passion for some element of your collectible. Maybe you collect Majolica. You may care less about whether the piece is a pitcher or a platter, but if it highlights that gloriously intense royal blue you love, you’ll snap it up. For me, fabric – anything woven – draws me in like the aroma of fresh baked blueberry muffins might for the starving. My glee deepens when I find vintage fringes.

This obsession began when I was a small girl meandering through my small-town fabric store.  I had to touch all the bolts. Luckily, that’s encouraged in a fabric store. I wanted to know the names of all the different weaves and stitching. That led me to my lifelong joy, designing with fabrics. When living in New York for several years, my secret desire was to live at M & J Trimmings store in Manhattan. Oh, the fringes, intricately woven cords and lavish tassels!

I put a lot of thought into selecting the right trims for our pillows from my personal collection. Many customers have no idea the tassel fringe on their purchase is irreplaceable. If it could be recreated somehow it would cost $400 a yard. Just like the patina of a loved piece of silver or the intense blue in Majolica, the aged silk fringes, vintage velvets and mind-blowing detail of Aubusson weaving continue to be my passion to own. But you can’t own everything, eh? So, I create pillows with these unique pieces for those who just might catch the collecting bug.

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