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Antique travel scarfs: Vintage collectables, new again!

antique scarf

You know me to be in a very long-term romance with fabrics. I may have met my match.  Because she was moving (always a dreaded task) my son’s fiancé Jill had to make hard decisions on what to keep and what to jettison.  She’d been unpacking all day and was sharing her struggle with the decisions.  She was sure about keeping one box.

There, in its new shelf, was her collection of travel scarves.  And, she gave me one!! 

What a really sweet thing to do, I thought.  But what am I to do with this?  Too big to make into a pillow – something I’ve done many times over the years.  I laid it out and found myself reading each of the monuments and historical attractions Rome has to offer.  I’m lucky enough to have been to Rome and had forgotten these places of wonder.

The scarf was really charming.  Was this too funky to actually wear?  The colors are very sophisticated and when gathered up as you see in the picture, it ceases to be a tourist souvenir and feels quite stylish. 

Best yet, when I wore it to work last week, two women during the day asked if it was a Hermes.  Love it!!

So, call Jill and I funky 50s scarf aficionados.  We are stating a new trend.  I’ll race you to the vintage clothing fairs where bins of scarves just may hold one from Paris, or Capri, or …

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